Welcome to the RCCO Halifax Centre!

The purpose of the Royal Canadian College of Organists is to promote the organ in its historic and evolving roles, to encourage excellence in the performance of organ, and to provide a forum for mutual support, education, and certification of RCCO members.

The RCCO Halifax Centre encourages organists and organ enthusiasts to share their knowledge and inspire passion for the organ. We are an active chapter with a genuine commitment to providing musical and educational opportunities to members and friends.

NEW! Pierre Perron Memorial Grant Program
This newly instituted grant program in memory of Pierre Perron is to be established and maintained by the RCCO Halifax Centre. Pierre was a long-time member of the RCCO Halifax Centre, Professor of Music Education at Dalhousie University, and an active organist, choralconductor, and church musician based in Halifax. Pierre was a true believer and promoter of music education, and it is appropriate that this grant is created in the spirit of continuing education for endeavors such as organ, choral, and church music continuing education.

Learn more and download the application package by clicking here.

This website is a work in progress, but we encourage you to explore it and learn about the work of the RCCO Halifax Centre!
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